Despre proprietate

Apartament mobilat Soveja | Constanta | Comision 0
Suprafata construita (mp):  65
Suprafata utila (mp):  56
Anul constructiei:  1991
Tip proprietate:  Apartament
Numarul de dormitoare:  1
Numarul de bai:  1
Apartament mobilat Soveja | Constanta | Comision 0
Clasa energetica:  N/A
Consum anual specific de energie [kWh/m²an]:  N/A
Consum total din surse regenerabile [kWh]:  N/A
Indice de emisii echivalent CO2 [kg CO2/m²an]:  N/A

The two-room apartment located in the Tomis III area of ​​Constanta, on SOVEJA street no. 112, represents an opportunity for those looking for a comfortable and well-equipped home. Located on the 2nd floor of a thermally insulated block with its own central heating system, the apartment has a usable area of ​​56 square meters and a 5 square meter balcony.

The semi-detached design of the apartment allows an efficient organization of the space, offering a sense of privacy in each room. The kitchen is closed, offering a distinct space for food preparation, and the living room is fluidly connected with the two rooms. The own central heating unit ensures the efficient heating of the entire house, offering thermal comfort at any time of the year.

The apartment is furnished and equipped, facilitating a quick and easy transition for future tenants. A distinctive element of the apartment is the open balcony, which offers a perfect opportunity to relax outdoors and enjoy the surrounding views. Considering the location in a developing area, with easy access to facilities such as shops, schools and parks, this apartment becomes an attractive choice for those who want to settle in a pleasant and convenient residential environment.

For more details, you can contact the broker at the number in the ad.

Disponibilitate:  Imediat
Compartimentare:  decomandat
Stare interior:  Finisat modern
Tip apartament:  Apartament
Etaj:  2
Etaje cladire:  4
Confort:  Lux
Suprafata totala:  61
Suprafata balcoane:  5
Stadiu constructie:  Finalizată
Tip constructie:  Beton
Imobil:  Bloc de apart.
Nr. camere:  2
Nr. bucatarii:  1
Nr. balcoane:  1

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Inel I, Constanta