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The full range of concierge services you could require as owner, investor, buyer or tenant.



Asigurari - Servicii de concierge - Kastel 360


Insuring your property, car or holiday brings peace of mind. We’re here to provide that peace. You choose your favourite broker and the needed policy, and we’ll issue the insurance. Quick and simple!

Cleaning services

Want to freshen up your home/office, but lack the time and energy to do it yourself? We’re but a message away.

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Home design - Servicii de concierge - Kastel 360

Interior design

We’ll help you transform your home/office into a space that makes you feel comfortable and meets your every need/preference.

Let our professional designers take over, and your space will soon have that “je ne sais quoi” you’ve always been dreaming about.

Home edit

We’ll change everything that needs changing – paint, tiles, complex structural modifications. What’s more, we offer our guarantee that everything is according to the authorized architectural plans.

Home edit- Servicii de concierge - Kastel 360
Mobility - Servicii de concierge - Kastel 360


Kastel clients have the option of renting a car when travelling/visiting Romania.

Škoda, Seat, Volkswagen or Audi – pick your favourite brand. Enjoy favourable prices and skip worrying about warranty, credit cards or upfront payments.

Credit Advisor

Time’s precious, we get it. That’s why we’ll streamline getting a bank loan for the property you desire.

We’ll present the most favourable crediting options offered by Romanian banks. What’s more, working with us also saves you the time spent on research.

Credit Advisor - Servicii de concierge - Kastel 360


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